The hell with the Top 5 New Year's resolutions - no one ends up coming through on those anyway. I might as well give you the ones that I put on the top of the list but end up moving their way down within about 30 days. Just keepin' it real 

 Here's my Bottom 5 (out of 10) 

#6. Eating Better - Yea, that lasts as long as the next time I pass by a Taco Bell after the show.

#7 Being Kinder To My Neigbors  - I think I'm kind enough, thank you.  I don't really have the urge to befriend the guy who always rakes his leaves to the curb so that they end up in my possession or rig up Christmas lights that synchronize to the loud boom box with the blown speakers that he has on his front porch

#8 Drinking Less -  Why?  Wine is good for you and it dulls the pain of having to deal with       other things in life (see #7)

Getty Images
Getty Images

#9 Spending Less Wasteful Time Online- Well, I can say that, but I HAVE to spend time writing these articles so that YOU can spend YOUR wasteful time online.  Justdcoin' my job, people.

#10 Thanking Our Faithful Sean and Richie Listeners Much Less Often- (see what I did there?)

What resolutions do you admit to not following through on?  Would love to know!  Have a great New Year though, seriously!


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