new years

Why do we kiss at Midnight?
I know it's lame, but I'm looking forward to doing nothing tonight!  I'm gonna go to bed early and sleep in late!  In fact, I wasn't even going to wake up to kiss my hubbie at midnight, until I found out why we are supposed to do just that...
My Bottom Five New Year’s Resolutions
The hell with the Top 5 New Year's resolutions - no one ends up coming through on those anyway. I might as well give you the ones that I put on the top of the list but end up moving their way down within about 30 days. Just keepin' it real
Looking Forward To 2011
This is my sincere wish that each and every one of you have a safe and AWESOME New Years Eve and that the coming year leaves you better then it found you. I have to say that all and all 2010 wasn't that bad for me but there's always room for improvement.

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