When I got up this morning, I didn't know that it was today. I just picked my outfit out for the gym and went on my merry way. Then I saw that today is colorfully called, "Blue Monday."

It's not just because it's Monday, which has a fairly bad rap all on its own.

No, instead there a few factors that come into play according to a British psychologist, Cliff Arnall, who has put a formula together as to the reasoning.

Arnall has said that with the busy time between October and December, it leaves us in a type of euphoria, that after the holidays, fades. That seems understandable. Then, the weather. Especially for us here in the Capital Region, this frigid, frosty, grey skied weather can just be too gloomy for people to handle. I know I for one thrive on sunshine! Also, lack of upcoming vacations as well as failed New Years resolutions have us feeling pretty blue.

Well, guess what Cliff Arnall - I haven't even started my New Years resolution yet! I had to wait to get my gym key card in the mail. My resolution starts today, on this Blue Monday and so far the only thing 'blue' about today is the shirt I have for the gym. So, maybe I'm not falling into the hype of the most depressing day of the year. There really is no science behind it, so enjoy the sunshine coming through the window and do something for you today!

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