I have always said that Dierks Bentley is so cool that you get cooler just by standing near him. The guy has a great, laid-back, "nothing bothers me" personality. I guess now we know how he stays so care-free, apparently he has a New Year's tradition of doing a "Polar Plunge" to insure he has a great year.

First, I think someone should explain the word "polar" to Dierks. At the start of the video, he explains that "..here we are in Florida again on the New Year.."  Well, my friend, if you truly want to do a real "Polar Plunge" we have the annual event here in Lake George and THAT is the real thing.

With that said, I guess under the circumstances he did what he could.

My favorite part is almost at the end where a little girl walks up and throws a piece of ice AT him.

Clearly a fun guy and a fun band, I look forward to spending some time with him in Mexico this February on the Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand trip. As a matter of fact, we would both LOVE it if you came to Mexico with us! If you want to come on the trip you can get more information by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Meanwhile, here is Dierk's "Polar Plunge."

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