All across the country, tomorrow night the spotlight will be on a massive ball dropping over the skyline of Manhattan. What if Albany did something like this?

If Albany did do a ball drop type thing to ring in the New Year, how about we not conform. Oh woo hoo, we dropped a ball just like New York City. How original. No. How about we take an item that is a signature of Albany, bedazzle it then drop it over the skyline of the Capital Region.

The next question is, what do we drop? Three easy thoughts pop into my head instantly. First a giant egg. When tourists come in from out of the area the first thing that catches their eye is The Egg. What if Albany hoisted a giant crystal egg that lite up above the Corning Tower? That would be unique and totally Albany.

The only other thing that would make sense would be Nipper. Here is why I would shy away from that. Nobody really from outside the Capital Region would know why we are dropping a giant glowing dog for to bring another year in. Sure it would be cool and very unique, but then we would have to answer tourists questions and that would be annoying.

Or we could drop I big horse with lights flashing. Many tourists also only know the Capital Region for the race course. Yet again though, how insane would it look to have a big old glass horse glowing vibrant colors descend to bring on 2017? I think that would surely blow New York City out of the water.

What do you think Albany would drop New Years Eve if we did this?

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