Not only is there one new restaurant coming to Troy's Riverfront, but a whole group of them as part of a concept new to the Capital Region.

Have you ever been to Quincy Market? Chelsea Market? Or, locally, Galleria 7? The owners of one of the restaurants in Galleria 7, Hooked, are taking this concept that's doing well in Latham and growing to Troy. The Times Union says that The River Street Market is being developed for a June opening in the Hedley Building in Troy.

It's a 12,000-foot space that will offer "a dozen food, beverage and market concepts that provide a wide variety of farm-to-table quality providers." It started when they were approached to put another Hooked location in the Hedley Building and now they'll be managing the whole market. They will also have Lord & Montague, a wine, and charcuterie bar in the market, paying homage to the inventor of detachable collar shirts, Hannah Lord Montague. Ironically, they don't currently intend to open a Hooked location in the new market but the option is open. No official dates have been announced.

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