Did You Feel It?

It happened at about 10:25 this morning, I was in my office at the radio station located in the Pine Bush of Schenectady, when the whole room started to shake.

For a good 3-4 seconds, my desk and chair started rocking back and forth like I was on a boat and I thought for sure a large truck or something must have whipped through the neighborhood.  But multiple people reported feeling an actual earthquake in New York City and New Jersey.

The Capital Region Started to Shake

Immediately I went on X (formerly Twitter) and within seconds, hundreds of local residents found themselves rocking back and forth as well.

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Reaction to this morning's quake was instant on social media. Photo: Screengrabbed from X


According to multiple sources, the earthquake is believed to have emanated from Lebanon, New Jersey registering a 4.8 which was powerful enough to rattle the Capital Region and beyond for a few weird moments.



How Strong was the Earthquake?

According to experts, here's the earthquake magnitude scale, and how each affects us.

  • 2.5 or less: Usually not felt, but can be recorded by a seismograph
  • 2.5 to 5.4: Often felt, but only causes minor damage.
  • 5.5 to 6.0: Slight damage to buildings and other structures.
  • 6.1 to 6.9: This may cause a lot of damage in very populated areas.

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