I've been blessed. My son is the perfect baby. Yeah, I know most parents will say the same thing about their baby, but really. My son is so happy and content and has slept (mostly) through the night for months and rarely cries and is outrageously loving. And that scares me a little.

My son has started to crawl and I'm getting a glimpse of the mischievousness he'll find himself in and the heart palpitations I'll experience on a daily basis. But John sure is adorable, isn't he?

Traci Taylor
Traci Taylor

As John gets older, I'm sure I'll find myself singing Shannon Christensen Abbott's version of 'Hallelujah,' when my husband and I face trying times with him and something tells me I'll be chuckling while I sing.

Shannon is a Utah mom with the voice of an angel and she's also become something of an internet sensation.

I'm not sure when Shannon posted a video of herself singing a 'Hallelujah' with re-worked lyrics that tell the story of being a mom that she'd have any idea how popular that video would become. But it has, and for good reason!

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