There are some things that come out of my mouth that I never dreamed I would ever have a reason to say until I became a mother.  I figured I wasn’t the only one, so I put out a call for “Things you never thought you’d say until you became a mom (or dad)” on Facebook and got some pretty good responses.

Some were not appropriate for this blog, but here are a few we can share – share some of your own in the comments below!

“Stop licking the wall.”

“Take your finger out of your brother’s nose.”

“Don’t forget I was a teenager once, too, you know.”

“We don’t put our mouth on a urinal.”

“We do not fart ON our brother.”

“When you take a bath, make sure you actually wash before you get out.”

“Don’t stick your foot in the poop!”

“Stop biting your toenails!”

"Don't tell your 1st grade class where babies come from."

“It's not polite to pick your nose and hand the booger you fished out to your sister.”

“Your butt crack is not a pocket!”


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