The Colonie teenager who police say has been missing for about 4 weeks was recently spotted by her mom, but police say she still refuses to come home. Colonie Police recently posted the identity of 17-year-old Stephanie Hagadorn of Colonie on their Facebook page and asked for the public's help in locating her. It was learned that Stephanie's mom fears for her daughter's safety as it is believed that she is currently in the company of some questionable people.

Stephanie Hagadorn
Stephanie Hagadorn of Colonie went missing almost 4 weeks ago, but was last seen by her mom on Sunday in Schenectady

The post and picture of her have gone viral since it appeared on the CPD facebook page on Monday morning.  It currently has thousands of shares and hundred of comments.  Most people are offering their prayers and support for the family of the missing teen, others are simply wondering (and speculating) why it took almost four weeks for police and family to ask for the public's help.

Here's what I learned after speaking with Colonie Police Lieutenant Robert Winn:

According to Winn, Stephanie's mom recently asked for police help, fearing that her daughter is in the company of some 'unsavory' or highly questionable people.  The teen was last spotted on Sunday by her mother in Schenectady and despite pleas, Hagadorn refuses to come home. 

Winn does believe that she currently is in Schenectady, but remains elusive and non-compliant  with anyone who attempts to bring her home and will move from 'couch to couch' if need be.  She hasn't been to school since she's been missing.

Colonie Police Lieutenant Robert Winn tells me that Hagadorn- who has a history of running away - currently has a PINS warrant against her. Hagadorn has been deemed a  'person in need of supervision' and PINS warrants are issued for any or all of the following:

  • Does not attend school
  • Behaves in a way that is incorrigible, ungovernable, or habitually disobedient
  • Is beyond the control of a parent, guardian or lawful authority
  • Is suspected of drug abuse
  • And requires supervision or treatment

Anyone with information is urged to please call the Colonie Police at (518) 783-2753 Ext. 8414.

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