You want to see creativity at work?  You want to see teamwork in action?  Just take a trip to Miller Hill Elementary School and observe this class.  I had such a great time with Mrs. Marshall's class, I literally didn't want to leave .  Here are the results below


These kids had vacation on their minds.  They were dreaming about going to a tropical island. Well, it's their song, and that's my motto with the Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' program - let them come up with their OWN ideas.  I'm just the go-between.

" I Want To Go To A Tropical Island"
(c) 2012 Richie Phillips and Miller Hill School
All Rights Reserved

mp3 version (right click on this one, kids, and save it)



I want to go to a tropical island, I'd like to go right away.
Fiji and Hawaii, forever I'd like to stay.
Barbados, Bahamas you don't need no pajamas, mon.
I want to go    to a tropical island.

Seashells, sand castles, surfing away.
Try to survive on a giant sting ray.
Drink coconut milk on the beach.
Put seashells in a real big heap.
Build a house out of leaves and sticks.
Now, I'm starting to get a little home sick.

I want to leave the tropical island.
We love our home and we always will.
We're the kids from Miller Hill.
In Averill Park, NY!

Written and Performed  by:


Trystan Beach, Noah Bonesteel, Fiona Carroll, Davena Clark, Samantha
Coluccio, Evan Denue, Chris Finn, Toby Geddis, Jessie Guilbault, Grace
Gundrum, Anna Jankovic, Taylor Johnston, Kyra Kusalonis, Alyssa
Maiello, Sean Malenfant, John Martin, James Mooney, Rachel Peckham,
Madison Quell, Jenna Carter, Bodey Reynolds, JT Rockenstire, Makayla
Rooney, Kyle Sherman, Donald Ullman, Lindsey VanAlstyne, and Emily
with a little help from "Rhymin' Richie" Phillips of the Sean and Richie Show
Thanks for inviting me, and thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for sponsoring the program