I am ashamed to say another year has gone by and that marks another year my taste buds haven't had a slice of this pizza.

We are blessed in my opinion to have so much amazing pizza in the Capital Region. For me my favorites are all in Troy, I grew up in Lansingburgh. Many people have favorite places based off of where they are from. For me, it is Testo's and Red Front.

Then there are people who in unison agree that one place has the best pizza in the entire region.

  1. Kays Pizza - Averill Park, NY
  2. DC's Pizza - Albany, NY
  3. Red Front - Troy & Clifton Park
  4. I Love New York - Hoosick Street, Troy
  5. Romeo's - Albany, NY

Everyone I know who has had Kays agrees that they are deserved of being atop the list. Kays pulled in the top spot in 2017 as well. Now I just have to actually make the scenic drive to the pizza place sitting on the edge of Burden Lake.

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