Check out the wild (and slightly profane) video filmed by a local man who was driving to get some food the other night but didn't end up with take-out in his front seat.  He ended up with a smack to the side of the head, and an owl in the front seat of his truck.

Jeremy Dodge's Facebook video is legendary.  These things don't happen!

According to News 10 ABC, he was going to pick up some Chinese food in Averill Park on Wednesday night when it happened.  An owl somehow, someway, smacked him on the side of his head and ended up inside inside his truck. Shortly after he realized what the heck was going on, he captured the rest on his cell.  Be advised, the following contains shock, a little profanity, hilarity, and one beautiful yet intense looking owl. No word on how the food was.

Jeremy allowed us permission to use his facebook video.


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