Mike is a chainsaw carving wild man.  (Well, not really a wild man, but now that I have your attention…)   He was the picture perfect subject for a special Halloween edition of "Write A Song Wednesday"

I was given the task of writing a song about Mike, a chainsaw artist extraordinaire who does beautiful work, by the way. Check out his website at www.beardenstore.com

Chainsaw Mike
from beardenstore.com

Of course, other listeners chimed in with random  words that I had to incorporate in the "ditty".  The words were:

supercalifrag…….(can't spell the rest)
And now -the song (to the tune of "Monster Mash", by Bobby Boris Pickett")
Mike was working in the shed late last nite
making a bear out of wood or maybe something for his wife
he's talented creepy and really quite precocious
he's supercalifragilistic expaadoisc
he is Mike he's the chainsaw guy
and you would like the carvings that you buy
he's make a bear with real huge butt
or perhaps a life-sized patriot
When everyone's in bed and soundly leaping sleepy
Mike has got the chainsaw that sounds creepy
but he's making something big or maybe even bigger
what the hell is that?  A life size trigger
Mike - he's number one on our list
he's Mike he's a philanthopist
he carves from wood so tell you friend and your mom
to visit beardenstore .com

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