This morning we talked about a study that has a lot of men standing up a little taller today.

A team from King's College London analyzed the "junk" measurement data from more than 15,000 men in 17 different studies.  The key to ALL of those studies is that doctors measured the dudes . . . none of the data was self-reported.

And the result?  You might be surprised!  You should stop comparing yourself to the guys in "those movies", because your package is perfectly normal!

The average man is 3.6 inches in a restful state and 5.2 inches in a "heightened" state.  Girth-wise, the average guy is 3.7 inches relaxed and 4.6 inches excited.

The researchers did find a very slight connection between how TALL you are and how big you are in the pants.

Researchers are hoping that men will be reassured by this study and put less pressure on themselves to live up to certain standards.

There. Now you know.

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