Every year, we hear about how ticks are bad and to keep an eye on our bodies as well as lost in the fur of our animals. You may have brushed this year's off as another warning, until this picture started trending on Facebook.

I kept seeing a picture of a bunch of ticks being shared all over Facebook, it wasn't until I realized it was local that it shook me. Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital shared a photo from a local cat that was covered in approximately 60 ticks in one visit.

CBS 6 talked to the vet who said that the reason this cat had so many ticks was because it was most likely outside in tall grass but it could happen to any pet that goes outdoors for any reason. Dr. Matt Duemler says that the larger ticks were only on the cat for about 24-28 hours.

Dogs are at more of a risk than cats because ticks carry diseases that could affect their kidneys or even their brain. Smaller ticks are more dangerous than larger ticks because they pass diseases faster. They warn dog owners to get an annual Lyme vaccine and to use a flea or tick treatment (i.e. Frontline) as well as check them thoroughly after they've been outdoors, especially a wooded area.

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