I love the power of social media. It can be the not-so-nicest place to hang out but usually, if someone nearby needs help, the internet is there. On the other hand, people also blindly share things and then old news starts trending.

I kept seeing the face of this kid 15-year-old Henry Ytterberg of Clifton Park being shared, that originated with WRGB. I start to think "This poor kid, I wonder what happened." I take a look at the date and it was originally posted February 11th, 2015. Thank goodness the child was found and this is just an old post showing up on someone's memories on Facebook and then being shared again.

There is a child who is currently missing from the Glens Falls area whose face isn't as prevalent on my News Feed and the family needs your help. As I mentioned, social media is a wonderful place and probably helped in finding the kid from 2015 and hopefully will find this child from Glens Falls but just note dates before you share pictures around.

This is a picture currently trending of Henry Ytterberg of Clifton Park who thankfully was found after this was originally posted in 2015.

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