Hey Stranger - But Internet, Why? [VIDEO]
I'm probably the internet's biggest fan. Granted, I don't understand it most of the time and I get that trying to figure out why things are trending is impossible but, this video guys, what are we doing?
Men: How Average are You? – As Heard on WGNA
This morning we talked about a study that has a lot of men standing up a little taller today.
A team from King's College London analyzed the "junk" measurement data from more than 15,000 men in 17 different studies.  The key to ALL of those studies is that doctors measured…
Obesity PSA Is Making People Really Mad [Watch]
Have you seen this PSA yet?  The non-profit, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta #Strong4LIfe campaign has released an anti-obesity PSA about a 30 year old man who weighs 300 lbs and is having a heart attack.
The ad shows all the moments in his life leading up to the heart attack...
New Michael Jackson Music: Love Never Felt So Good
5 years after he died new music has just been released!  It was recorded in 1983 - 31 years ago! It has been modernized for release today.
Epic Records announced in March that eight previously unheard Michael Jackson songs, originally recorded between 1983 and 1999, will be released on the new a…

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