It's not easy for us guys around Valentine's Day.  Let me explain: Most women will tell you it's a 'hallmark' holiday, yet the pressure is real to do something for your significant other.  When you say 'don't get me anything' for Valentine's Day what exactly do you mean; nothing nothing, or something nothing? Chrissy and Jess tried to help me figure out women's secret Valentine's Day code in this segment.

When it comes to V-Day, most women said 'don't get me anything' and it turns out, they actually meant it.  That goes against the way most of us men have been trained to think when it comes to deciphering the ever elusive girl code. Ladies be honest, if you tell your man that 'you're fine' are you ever 'really fine' or are you just setting him up for the kill the next time he looks at you funny? My girlfriend claims that she doesn't expect anything for Valentine's Day.  But what does that really mean? I'll guess I'll have to put it to the test.  Nobody does nothing better than me.  If I live to tell about, I'll update you Thursday morning on the show.  Wish me luck

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