Have you ever been about to go on a long road trip and you plug in your iPod/iPhone and it automatically plays the same song? One genius came up with the perfect way to fix it!

When I look to top songs on iTunes, I expect to see Carrie Underwood or Luke Bryan toward the top but I never expected the song "A a a a a Very Good Song" to be up there. What is that?

The strange part about it is that this song by Samir Mezrahi is actually just 10 minutes of silence. That's right, you can go to iTunes and spend 99 cents on 10 minutes of silence. According to The Daily Mail, Mezrahi hated that every time he plugged his phone in via an aux cable, it always automatically started the first song alphabetically on his iTunes. He always had to rush to quickly turn it off because that's not the song he wanted to hear.

Buying this song automatically puts it to the top of your track list alphabetically so connecting the cable will still start your music but with this song, what will be starting is silence to give you a chance to decide which song you actually want to listen to.

Add this idea to the list of genius ideas I wish I came up with!

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