I'm probably the internet's biggest fan. Granted, I don't understand it most of the time and I get that trying to figure out why things are trending is impossible but, this video guys, what are we doing?

It's known that I have a weird obsession with what's trending on the internet, so much so that we had a comment on the WGNA Facebook page where someone pointed it out to me directly knowing I'd love it. I've seen this video just about everywhere since yesterday and there's no explanation for it. The title is "Hey Stranger" and it's a claymation character talking to you sensually. it's oddly soothing but also has a way of creeping you out at the same time. If you're like us and can't help but stare at his butt, don't worry, take a look at the video, he allows it.

For some reason on the original video, there's an age restriction so I guess be careful when you watch it. I don't know for what, except for the fact that as a whole, it's so very strange. I look at the video or a picture from it and I just can't stop asking myself why? Why are we obsessed with this? Why do we care what this naked man is telling us? Why do I care enough to write a post about it? Why does he kind of speak to my soul?

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