A magical 'floating' farmhouse in Upstate NY is now for sale! But how much is it to own this dreamlike home?  See pictures in the gallery below!

It's not very often you come across an old farmhouse like the one we're featuring in this post and there may not be enough words to describe this 1820s home that sits on the edge of a pristine creek in the Catskill Mountains, giving it the illusion that it's actually floating.

Dreamlike, whimsical, charming, stunning, wondrous, amazing, and even modern were some of the words used by those who have stayed in it over the years, but how much is it?

Primarily used as an Airbnb, the "Floating Farmhouse" in Eldred, NY is up for sale according to The Wall Street Journal.

This inconceivable home in the Catskill Mountains is roughly 3,400-square-feet of magical memories waiting to happen, and it's yours for the nearly $3M dollar asking price.  Let's take a closer look:

Magical 'Floating' Farmhouse in Upstate NY is For Sale! But for How Much?

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