Well, that's unnerving, huh? Usually you see stories like this coming from places like The National Enquirer but when there's NASA evidence to back it up, I don't think they're joking around!

The space rock, which NASA is calling 2016 NF23, measures 500ft in diameter (making it bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza) and is expected to "skim past" our planet tomorrow. The Sun is reporting that scientists find that it's close enough to the Earth to put it on the "potentially hazardous asteroid" watch list.

Is the asteroid going to hit Earth? Most likely, no, but it's going to come closer than asteroids we've seen in the past. To put it in perspective, it's going to pass within three million miles from Earth, when the sun is 93 million miles away. Usually, any space object that's larger than 3280ft to about 6561ft could cause global consequences but NASA scientists are saying that this asteroid will pose no risk to us on Earth.

On the plus side, if this makes you nervous, "Nasa issued a statement last year saying that “no asteroid currently known is predicted to impact Earth for the next 100 years”."

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