If you are looking for a second job or just to make a little extra money, the U.S. Census is hiring hundreds of thousands of people across the country. There are many jobs available right here in the Capital Region. According to WIVB.com, there is a high demand for the U.S. Census Bureau to hire five hundred thousand workers across the country and hundreds here in the Capital Region.

There are many different positions available to get an accurate count of the 2020 population of the United States and in each community. They are hiring census takers, supervisors, and other office positions.

There will be two hundred forty-eight satellite offices opening around the country. If you are a student, retiree, a seasonal employee, or looking for a second job, the U.S. Census Bureau is encouraging you to apply. Click here to get started.

The 2020 U.S. Census is crucial in determining federal funding and how congressional seats are divided between each state.

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