I'm a man on a mission.   The property taxes we're paying are absurd for what we're getting.  I'm ready to load up the moving van, but want to know where to go? 

I was going to try to source  out this statement,  but I don't think it's necessary. It doesn't take rocket science to realize that New York has some really high property taxes-  perhaps one of the highest in the nation.   Now I know that I'm going to be accused of being "that guy".   I'm the guy who now complains about property taxes after we no longer have kids in the local school system (Niskayuna, to be exact)

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I used to hate "that guy".  He's the same one who lived down the street  with the grey hair and the Buick in the driveway screaming "get off of my lawn".

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But somehow today I still think it's different. I wouldn't mind paying my fair share of taxes to support education.  But you can't tell me that $9000 a year is fair, when you could live a much larger home that we have down in the Carolinas and pay $1800!  (I know - I have a friend with a 5 bedroom monster on a golf course, no less!)

So I'm just wondering.  I know I'm being nosy, but where do YOU live and how much do YOU shell out every year?  If it's reasonable enough, you may see a UHaul pulling up with everything from couches to keyboards in the back (don't worry - we're quiet neighbors - and you'll love our dog.  His poops are very small..