When Hamilton was announced at Proctors, it seemed like it was all the Capital Region could talk about! Tickets are going to be difficult to find and online scammers are jumping on the opportunity.

Proctors has put a post on their Facebook detailing when Hamilton tickets are on sale and naming one Facebook event as the official one. New York Upstate is reporting that even though tickets don't go on sale until next year, fake pages have been popping up selling tickets for hundreds of dollars above face value.

Emily Lang, digital marketing manager for Proctors, said, "They're fake tickets at outrageously expensive prices. I mean they're starting at, you know, $900 or something whereas our subscription here starts at $300."

Hamilton tickets aren't even on sale yet and already these websites are popping up, I agree with Proctors that these are only going to get worse. They even cited that other theatres that have hosted Hamilton have had this exact thing happen. So, make sure when you're buying tickets, that's it's through the official Proctors website!

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