My mom, Nancy, is a talented painter and she has hosted paint and sip parties in the past. But with the social distancing and the lockdown, my mom figured she would just do the sip. This time she is making a couple of versions of the Bloody Mary.  You may remember that my mom messes up lyrics to songs. We have had her on our show and countless times she would get the words all wrong. I tell you this because in this video, as my mom makes Bloody Marys, she messes up a particular item she is using and calls it by something hilariously wrong.

One thing that is always constant is that my mom has fun no matter what she is doing. She has been filling her time in lockdown with a variety of Paint & Sip videos without the paint. So far she has made, Bocce Balls, Screwdrivers, Chocolate Cherry Martinis, Godfathers and Godmothers, Fuzzy and Harry Navels, Bloody Marys, and Tootsie Rolls. Don't worry, she has plenty more to make, Enjoy!

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