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My Mom's Stroke -What You Should Look For
It has been about four months since my mom had a major stroke and I am truly grateful that not only did I call her, but I knew what to ask her while we were on the phone. It is National Stroke Awareness Month and I wanted to remind people to pay attention to their loved ones and recognize the signs.…
My Mom's Birthday-What a Difference One Year Makes
My mom turns 76 today and what a year it has been. Not only during COVID but my mom has been through some crazy things this year too. As I look back on the year, it all started with a surprise drive-by parade and we had no idea if or when we would be able to celebrate again.
Unknown Good Samaritan Saves Mom's Mechanicville Home From Fire
Over the weekend my mom had a fire at her house. She wasn't even aware that her porch was on fire until a couple of good samaritans rushed in to help. They all played a part in getting her and my sister out safely and ultimately saving her house. There was one selfless good samaritan in particu…
Watch Chrissy's Mom Make a 'Blizzard' Drink [VIDEO]
I don't have to tell you that we got a whopper of a snowstorm yesterday and in my mom's true fashion, she made the best of it. Watch her as she teaches you how to make a drink in honor of the nearly thirty inches of snow we got. Check out my mom making a Blizzard.
Watch Chrissy's Mom do The Wooden Spoon Experiment
There was an online video circulating that showed how you can see just what still lingers inside wooden spoons even when you run them through the dishwasher. My mom utilizes the wooden spoon in many ways. Watch what happens when she puts her own wooden spoons to the test.
Listen to Chrissy's Mom Screw Up the Song
My mom is notorious for messing up lyrics to popular songs. She has been doing it forever. We thought that we would bring her on the show to use her funny talent to help her figure out what song it is and who sings it.
Chrissy's Mom Shows You How to Sip Yellow Birds
My mom has been keeping herself busy during the lockdown by making various mixed drinks. She shows you what you need and comes up with some pretty clever drinks. This time, in honor of the beautiful spring weather, watch as she mixes up a Yellow Bird.
Watch Chrissy's Mom Make a Saratoga Sunrise
My mom is hoping, as we all are, that things start to open up in and around the Capital Region. It looks as if it is slowly happening this week. It was also announced that the Saratoga Race Course will be opening on time. It's just that there will be no crowds allowed. In memory of having a dri…
Watch Chrissy's Mom Make The Crusher Drink
In order to stay busy during the coronavirus lockdown, my mom has become quite the bartender. She is mixing up different drinks and showing you how to make them. It all started as a paint and sip without painting and now she has made over a dozen drinks.
Watch Chrissy's Mom Make May Birthday Drink
My mom celebrated a milestone birthday this month. She turned 75 and wanted to highlight everyone celebrating a birthday in May. She decided to do another paint and sip episode (without the paint) of a drink for those celebrating May birthdays.
Chrissy's Mom's 75th Surprise Birthday Parade
My mom turned 75 yesterday (May 3rd) and we were trying to figure out how we could make it special in these social distancing times we live in. It took a bit of organizing, but I think we made her day as special as we could.

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