The fatal boat crash that killed 8-year-old Charlotte McCue has forever changed a long-running tradition in Lake George, Log Bay Day. People aren't accepting that and hoping to get together to bring it back.

Log Bay Day "officially" was supposed to be held this past Monday but police officers in the area surrounded Log Bay and surrounding bays to make sure the gathering wouldn't happen. Officers kept out the normally 1000 people who populate the bay on Monday but that's not stopping everyone.

People are getting on social media and trying to create another upcoming gathering. I'm not going to mention when that particular day is exactly because I don't believe this is something that should return but you can find it on News10 ABC. Log Bay Day used to be a day for people in that area to gather together but it ended up taking a more dangerous turn with people operating boats after being under the influence.

Police are trying to monitor social media as best they can and hoping to be on the lookout in case the new date and location are moved. Some commenting think this is taking away something all because of the crime of one person but Log Bay Day was stopped on Monday and police still arrested quite a few people on the water driving while intoxicated.

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