Was This Schenectnady Break-In Inspired By Stranger Things 3?
How many times have we seen this in the movies and TV show? From Die Hard to Mission Impossible and even the latest season of Stranger Things (possible spoilers here). In the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix one of the characters has to climb through the duct work in the mall to defeat th…
Person that Stole Car With 2-Year Old Inside Found
They say kids will be kids but it's unfortunate when a kid's being a kid and it affects another kid in the process, I kid you not.
Tuesday morning I reported that a car had been stolen in Albany with a 2-year old still in the backseat. Everyone was able to take a sigh of relief because the …
Man Involved in Crossgates Shooting Sentenced
November 12th is a day that'll stay with many in the Capital Region.
Gun shots rang out at Crossgates Mall in front of the Apple store. People ran down the halls, hid in stores, held their loved ones and thought this might be the last chance to send an "I love you," text to fam…

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