One year ago Tuesday was the fatal boat crash that changed the future of Log Bay forever. 8 Year Old Charlotte McCue died in her Mother's arms after the driver had been drinking for Log Bay Day.

Alexander West, the driver, has since been convicted of manslaughter and is serving a 5-15 year prison sentence but the McCue family will never be the same. The tragedy started petitions to end the bay celebrations that has been the root of issues for quite some time already.  According to Post Star, "The Lake George Park Commission and Warren County Sheriff’s Office plan to close Log Bay and neighboring Shelving Rock Bay for the day on July 31."

The Park Commission expects to pass a resolution today closing the bay for the day after mapping out a plan since last year. They say that there will be more boat patrols and private boats will be prohibited from entering or mooring in the area.  The water is off-limits but the nearby state land will be open and it won't stop people from swimming or wading in the bay. Police have also been monitoring social media to stop similar gatherings in other areas.

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