Hundreds of positive comments flooded the page of a local sheriff's department Facebook when they announced they would be sending out volunteers to deliver pies and eggnog to those who will be going without this Thanksgiving. 

The kind gesture by the Fulton County Sheriff's Department was received warmly by people in the community who appreciated the "Peace" offering of pies and eggnog.  The story, reported on by News 10 ABC comes with an honorable disclaimer : "if you already have a meal with a dessert planned, please let someone else accept the offer."

On their Facebook page, the Fulton County Sheriff's wrote that they would be distributing  "Thanksgiving “Peace” Pies and Eggnog to those who do not have dessert on Thanksgiving. Sheriff Giardino said the pies are a way to provide something to help people to have a “peaceful” Thanksgiving in these very chaotic times."

According to the report, pies are limited and the sheriffs need to know who needs them by the end of Tuesday so if you're reading this now and are in need, it's worth a shot to let them know.  Here's how:

"Call 518-736-2116 on Tuesday (11/24/2020) to leave a message requesting a pie or eggnog – speak slowly and clearly leaving your name, phone number and address with the best time for us to deliver them between 9am and 3pm on Wednesday (11/25/2020) "

-The Fulton County Sheriff's Facebook Page

The Fulton County Sheriffs have been in the news lately. They were among the group of local law enforcement stating that they simply don't have the resources to enforce Governor Andrew Cuomo's ten guest limit for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

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