School supplies can be expensive, not only for families but also for teachers. Many parents can't afford to buy all of the tools needed for their kids at school. Now a local school is taking that burden away without costing taxpayers more. If you are a teacher, or a parent, you know that school supplies for your kids can be very expensive. There is good news for students and families in the Lansingburgh school district.

According to News Channel 13, Lansingburgh was able to use state funding to offset the cost of school supplies for grades K through 12. Using the state aid formula and the budget, they have allotted $57,000 to purchase the supplies needed according to grade level.

This helps, not only with the cost, but it also eliminates shaming for not having the proper supplies. This also helps those teachers that dip into their own pockets to buy the necessities for their students when they do special projects. Also, with the grant, the school will get a deal on the supplies so they won't be as expensive if the parents were buying them individually.

School officials can't say if the grant will be available for the following school year. It is also important to mention that this is done through state aid and not affecting Lansingburgh residents.

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