People like to put-down the places that they're from but imagine you could never come back to the Capital Region again, what will you wish you've seen? A local couple is asking and now you can help!

Sorry Albany Reddit, I'm borrowing this one too. I saw a post last week about a couple who are moving out of the area (in Reddit terms, OP YungBb8) and asked the rest of us what's on our "Capital Region Bucket List" for what they should see before they leave. Then, I saw the Times Union cover it, so I figured why not?

Some of the ideas people had were: Howe Caverns, a big push for chicken from Hattie's, a balloon festival (we have a few here), Observation Deck at the Corning Tower, and more.

A few of those are on my Capital Region bucket list too, but without reading their list any further, I decided to post my own.

  1. I've been so close to the USS Slater but actually never been on it for a tour.
  2. Because there was such a push, I have to repeat it and add it to mine. I've never been to Hattie's either.
  3. I hear such amazing things about Kay Pizza but I never think to drive that far, I obviously should probably go.
  4. Throwback, but I wish I could've gone to see a show at Valentine's (remember that?). I was never allowed to go but I heard good things about it.
  5. I want to go on more of the 42 ADK peaks, I think I've done one but they're right there and I own hiking boots so it's kind of sad that I haven't.
  6. Yaddo. What exactly are they doing in there?
  7. Uncle Sam's grave. Not because I have any attachment to him in particular but it's here and so I'm I. He's a part of history so seems like something to check out.
  8. Washington Park when there isn't an event going on. I usually find myself there for Tulip Fest and it's crazy, I assume it's actually quite peaceful on a normal day.
  9. Backstage at The Palace. I've seen SPAC, Proctors, Cohoes Music Hall, Troy Music Hall and the Times Union Center backstage. Hey, Palace Theater, what's up?
  10. Spend more time North of Clifton Park. There's a lot of great spots up there and I really don't get North of Exit 9 as often as I'd like to.

I could probably come up with more but 10 seemed like a good number to start with. Please, add to my list, or take some off. I'm always looking for new places and things to try and do!

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