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‘Naked In A Cave’ Attendee Answers Burning Questions On Everyone’s Mind
I'll admit that while I thought the idea was a pure stroke of genuis, I didn't really have much a feel for how people's reaction would be to Howe Caverns 'Naked In A Cave' promotion  on Saturday.  While the buzz from the event went viral, I still had some questions whether or not people wanted get butt-naked in front of complete stangers and check out age old cavernous holes. I for one am probably
Hundreds Will Be Naked At How Caverns On Saturday
International Nude Day is Saturday and while I'm not sure of the likelihood of myself partaking - publicly anyways - there are still a few spots open for you to take the nude plunge and explore some of New York's most fascinating caverns. Howe Caverns announced a few months ago that they were planning a special nude guided tour through their caves and the internet basically exploded.  Well we're j
Naked in New York: A Nude Beach Update [LIST]
Last year around this time I gave you a list of the top places where you're legally allowed to be nude in public. Either new places opened up or their names got out there because the list is updated and here are some more options.
Local Landmark Celebrating 175 Years
I have fond memories of this landmark in the Capital Region. It started with several field trips during school and when I went and visited on other occasions as an adult, I am still fascinated that this exists in the 518.
Our First Time at Howe Caverns Was So Cool! [Pics]
Madelyn's Girl Scout troop is so cool! We have the opportunity to take the girls to do all sorts of things!  This weekend we took the troop to Howe Caverns, just outside of Cobleskill. We had so much fun.  If you haven't been to Howe Caverns yet, put the kids in the car and take them...

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