When you ask people who aren't from this country to name some of cities we have in the US, I'm sure you're going to hear the big ones: New York City, Los Angeles, Orlando but it's rare that they'll come up with Albany or even this city, named one of the Biggest Little Cities by CarRentals.com

CarRentals.com compiled a list of 20 cities that population-wise are "no smaller than 24,000 and no bigger than 150,000" but still have "big personalities" and this time they included Schenectady, NY. I'm from Schenectady, I love my city. Does it have some issues? Sure, but a lot of that comes with being a city. I think it has a ton to offer, especially with the growth in the most recent years.

Schenectady's City Hall
Schenectady's City Hall - Google Street View

This website breaks down some must-do things while you're in the area, including a walk through the Central Park Rose Garden, a show at Proctors, fish and chips at Bier Abbey, and the best time to visit is Fall because of the apple orchards in the area. I don't disagree with those, Schenectady has a lot of great sites and the places they mentioned tend to be what stands out. Being a born and raised Schenectadian though, I have a few more ideas.

The Rose Garden in Central Park is beautiful and watching the sunset from one of those benches with the flowers in full bloom is beautiful. Their next recommendation was Proctors Theater. I also can't compete with that. Proctors is our crown jewel, no comparison, if you're in Schenectady, you need to see it. Last, though, I have an issue with the restaurant they decided. Bier Abbey is delicious and they always have a great selection of beers on tap but to name Schenectady and not mention one of the amazing Italian restaurants feels wrong. Between Cannali's, Perrecas/More Perrecas, Ferraris, Johnnys, the list goes on, Schenectady has the best Italian restaurants in the Capital Region, it's a shame to not feature them. I feel like all of the cities in the 518 are the great Big Little Cities, which is your favorite 518 city?

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