On Friday, the news came down that this local beach would not be open in time for the weekend. Well it didn't take too long, you can enjoy it now just in time for the hot weather.Million Dollar Beach in Lake George was shut down on Friday after the DEC tested the the water and found high E. coli levels. Yesterday (Sunday) the tests were completed and the water was cleared for swimming. No one knows why the bacteria levels keep spiking and they are still searching for the source.

The investigation by the state said that the excessive rainfall may be a reason for the high levels. The DEC will continue daily testing on the water in hopes to locate the source of the bacteria.

Normally, the beach is open during the weekdays, but because of the testing, there is an alternate schedule. It will not be open this week until Saturday, June 17th, then the Million Dollar Beach is scheduled to open to swimming seven days a week through Labor Day.

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