Anyone that listens to "The Sean and Richie Show" knows I tend to be a big child now and then. Which is a detail I wear with pride. Well as a big kid I do enjoy well made video games. The thing is I wait for my nephew Zach to play them all, tell which ones I'll like and then borrow them. It's a fool proof system. Zach's latest recommendation is a game called "Alan Wake" for the XBOX. I just started last night and I'm hooked already. It's still a pretty new game but you may be able to rent it or get it cheaper at What I really like about this game so far, is the format. It's set up like a TV show. The full title of the game is "Alan Wake: Season 1" and as you progress you move through "episodes" not "levels" like in traditional games. Each new episode begins with a flashback to the important details from the last. The story is very in depth and they use darkness in such a way that I jumped a few times. Check out the trailer.

If you or someone you know likes well designed games with good story lines "Alan Wake" is for you.

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