I'm not sure how long you've been a WGNA blog-reader (and we appreciate it, by the way), but back in late December I wrote about an argument I had with my wife about getting a second dog. If you don't feel like clicking on that, I'll summarize here.  I lost.

We have a Pekingnese puppy named Spencer now. (named so because he looks like something you would buy from Spencer Gifts).  To be bluntly honest, I thought he was the homeliest thing I'd ever seen.  Let me elaborate on that a bit.  I have my own rating system with dogs.  There's:

Spencer the dog

1. unattractive

2.  homely

3. extreeeeemly butt ugly

4.  sooooo homely that he's actually cute.

He is a number 4.

It's amazing to me how he's taken over the house, though.  He's very sweet and playful with humans, but pulls no punches with our other dog and our cat.  He gnaws on our Cocker's ear, chases him all over the place, and he's about 1/4th of the gross weight.    Who ever coined the phrase "size matters" doesn't know what they're talking about!

And this is very interesting.  If Mel the cocker spaniel is eating, he'll come right up to the bowl and help himself to a portion.  Mel growls and complains, but Spencer could care less.

Now if Spencer's eating, Mel doesn't DARE interrupt him.  Scared to death.  This little thing's been with us 2 months and he's laid claim to basically everything!

If we turn the vacuum cleaner on, Mel jumps back 40 paces.  This dog goes right up and smells the thing while we're trying to work.  Fearless!!  Snowbanks?  NO PROBLEM.  That would be like you or I walking outside and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, for God sakes!

I could go on, but I'd actually rather hear about your small dog.  Do they have the same personality?  I've never had a small dog before.  I can't believe what I'm seeing.  Would love to hear from you on this one!!!

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