Puppy Left In Sweltering Car While Owner Eats Brunch
If it weren't an alert diner, a German Shepard puppy may not have survived on Sunday after Albany police say a man left his dog in the backseat of car while he ate brunch for almost 40 minutes.  Outside temperature was 82, but inside it was as hot as 117 degrees and the officer who arrived…
National Puppy Day- Is There a Limit?
Today is one of my favorite National holidays, National Puppy Day. I have a 3 year old Papitese (half Maltese, Half Papillon) named Lucy, am I allowed to celebrate?
Living With A Cocker Spaniel And A Pekingnese
I'm not sure how long you've been a WGNA blog-reader (and we appreciate it, by the way), but back in late December I wrote about an argument I had with my wife about getting a second dog. If you don't feel like clicking on that, I'll summarize here.  I lost.