Nearly Decapitated Cairo Canine Doing 'Peachy' Now [PIC]
I still can't believe that someone would brutally hurt an innocent animal. What happened to Peaches is unfathomable. Back on June 29th, Patricia Waldron, Peaches owner stabbed her dog several times and tried to decapitate her with a sword. She then left Peaches for hours bleeding. Fortunately, Peaches survived and we have an update on her progress.
Massachusetts Doggo Enters 2020 Election
Some dogs run after cars, others run to get treats, but a Fall River, Massachusetts goldendoodle named Oliver Winston Churchill Finelli is running for something a little more prestigious.  He may not be your typical paw-litician, but this handsome boy with the esteemed-sounding name, is running for President of the United States of America.  And his message is a simple one: Because People Suck.  

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