This has been an interesting year for movies, to say the least. If you've been holding out and not seeing any this year, thankfully Jackson broke down the top 10 movies of the year so you know which ones you can't miss.

There were a ton of movies out this year and if you didn't get out to see them all like Jackson did, you may have missed wasting some time on those you wouldn't have liked anyway. Take a look at which movies Jackson thought were the top 10 of the year, how many have you seen? Do you agree with his list? Appearing below are movies 10-4, if you want to hear which movies he decided as his top 3, listen to the segment from this morning below.

10. “THE BIG SICK” - Romantic dramedy starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Ray Romano and Holly Hunter

9. “AMERICAN MADE” - Action biopic with Tom Cruise

8. “THE BREADWINNER” - Animated film currently nominated for Critics Choice and Golden Globe Awards

7. “THE HERO” - Drama starring Sam Elliott

6. “WIND RIVER” - Thriller with Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen

5. “BLADE RUNNER 2049” - Sequel to 1982 sci-fi cult classic starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford

4. “STEP” - Documentary about Baltimore high school senior girls on step team looking to get into college

[Movies #3-1 can be found in the segment below] As always, find all of his reviews and other movie news at

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