You have to love it when you hear of a pretty centralized location having availability for a new restaurant, here is what it may end up being.

I will start off by saying, there has been absolutely no word of any specific restaurant coming to Latham Farms. What is being said however is that they have a 9,000 square foot area that could house a restaurant or retail location. This leaves so many possibilities. With the owners meeting with the Colonie planning board sometime next month. Lets list off a few things we can hope it is.

Here is my list.

  • CHICK FIL A - For years we have heard rumblings of a location coming to the Capital Region, a good handful of people love that idea. Last word however was a place in Clifton Park would be their home, that was a year ago though.
  • WHITE CASTLE - This is one I would hope for but at the same time would kind of doubt it. I feel like if they expanded into Upstate New York, they would probably want other locations close too. That makes me think Latham is a no go. Here is to hoping though.
  • WHATABURGER - This is more of a pipe dream, they seem to only be in southern states. I will say their chorizo burger looks pretty awesome. Odds are this won't be here.

Obviously those are just a few we could hope for, likely, probably not. More than likely the area in Latham farms may end up just being another retail chain. If it is a restaurant it will probably be an added location that is already here in the Capital Region. Tell us in the comments what you want to see come to Latham Farms.

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