On the show today we were talking about jelly beans and it thrust me back to a store I remembered in Latham Circle Mall.

There was a gourmet jelly bean and popcorn store inside Latham Circle Mall near the food court. As a kid, it was a treat to get a pound of Jelly Belly jelly beans in all the exotic and crazy flavors. I remember always getting the strawberry shortcake, and the buttered popcorn flavored ones. They also had those clear plastic bins full of fancy popcorn flavors too. They were filled with all the colors of the rainbow. I remember really enjoying the purple that tasted like grape and the bright blue that was blue raspberry flavored.

Isn't it funny that a candy can bring you back to your childhood and make you feel all of the emotions of the moment? I can tell you exactly how that store was set up, where it was in the mall and the delicious smells that surround my memories.

What smells or memories throw you back to a specific moment in time?

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