Computer on the "fritz"?  Have you just given up the ghost and figured it's easier to just ask Santa for another one?  Maybe a good idea, maybe unnecessary.   Here's a place where you can find out

Yep.  You can find out right here.  Our experts at Computer Renaissance in Latham will take your question and feed me the answer so I sound smart.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


Has your computer gotten the "blue screen" lately?  Don't you hate when that happens?

Is your little laptop running slower than your pet turtle?

Is it worth it to get more ram memory?  (I can answer that one - definitely!)

Problems with your wi-fi?


Whatever it is, you can ask our Computer gurus ( Aaron or Darren - good guys) at 220-4445 or put it right here in the comment section and I will forward it to them for our Tech Talk segment this Wednesday.    Talk to you then!



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