It was almost one year ago in Montgomery County, two goldendoodles, one a golden color, Quigley, the other, Kirby black in color were enjoying just another evening. Their owner, Denise Krohn had gone out to do some shopping, returning a couple of hours later. When she entered her home she saw Kirby on the floor bleeding. She thought there must have been an accident until she realized she had been robbed instead.

Kirby and Quigley were both shot and killed that evening and no one was ever arrested for the crime. That is why a new bill has been passed by the New York State Senate to make harming an animal in the midst of a crime a felony.


The law, which is sponsored by Republican Sen. Jim Tedisco of Schenectady County, carries up to a two-year prison sentence upon conviction.

In memory of the two dogs that were the inspiration behind this, it is being named "Kirby & Quigley's Law."

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