Kathy is one of our most loyal WGNA listeners. We kid her a lot on the air, so I guess it was time for a little "payback".

This is a dedication to our very own "Kathy From Ballston Spa".  Of course this was done with the help of some very, very mean listeners who came up with the most difficult list  of words in the English language to be included in her tribute.  I didn't think I'd possibly get through this one without help, but here's how it turned out.  I'll let you be the judge as to how successful it was.

Phewwwww -that was rough.  (is Phewwwwww an an "onomatopoeia"?)   BTW -sorry for the misspelling of the word in the video!)   If you'd like to hear other "Write-A-Songs", here's your chance below!



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