Many Scotia residents and people from all over the Capital Region were disappointed when Jumpin' Jacks had to cancel their fireworks on June 30th because of impending storms. They did give a reschedule date of July 22nd, but that has just been cancelled too. There is a lot that goes into coordinating the fireworks show at Jumpin' Jacks in Scotia and it's not just about the spectaular lights in the sky.

A big part of Jumpin' Jacks in the summer is the US Waterski team and their performances. Well the ski team had a lot of shows and scheduling conflicts in the following weeks which wouldn't have allowed them to be available for the new date. You will be able to catch them regularly every Tuesday night at 7pm at Jumpin' Jacks throughout the summer.

Another conflict was the parking availability in Collins Park on July 22nd. There were other groups that that had the time and space reserved and if the date stood, it would have hurt the other events scheduled due to large crowds for the fireworks.

One of the major issues, though, was the staffing of the event. Jumpin' Jacks stated that their reliability on college students working the event would have been hindered. Most of their help returns to college around the date that the event would have been rescheduled for therefore they wouldn't be able to staff it properly.

As much as we are all pretty disappointed that the show won't happen this year, it sure won't stop me from enjoying the waterski shows and the amazing ice cream and food that they have to offer at Jumpin' Jacks.

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