Coronavirus: Local Updates
The coronavirus has finally made its presence known here in the Capital Region and in response, many events are getting canceled.
C’mon PETA, You Can’t Fire Phil
If PETA gets their way, the famous groundhog that helps us determine how much Winter is left would be be replaced by artificial intelligence.  What?! I don't know about you, but I have a mini obsession with Punxsutawney Phil .  He's fat and feisty and furry and every year when th…
‘Racially Insensitive’ H.S. Soccer Game Cancelled
A superintendent at a Massachusetts high school has canceled a planned 'whiteout' fundraiser soccer game after enough people complained. Why you ask?  Because words matter according to the super, and the term 'whiteout' was deemed racially insensitive.
PEACE OUT: Organizers Pull Plug On Woodstock 50
Woodstock 50: My what a longggg strange trip it's been! What started as a peaceful journey through Bethel Woods, turned a little bit trippy at Watkins Glen, then became a full-blown headache/hangover by the time organizers decided on doing a free show in Maryland.
Kids In Tears, Parents Outraged After Albany Cancels Show
A water main break in the city of Albany forced an abrupt cancellation to three shows scheduled at Albany's Palace Theatre. One show set for 6 pm on Thursday, was cancelled just hours before start time. Some kids were reduced to tears, while outraged parents blew up social media expressing thei…

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