Yesterday, Richie Phillips had a story about ice cream flavors that he found unappealing. Well Richie, here is another to add to your list.

This week, Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream, located in Columbia, MO, joined the ranks of bold and off-the-cuff ice cream makers when they offered an insect-filled cicada ice cream.

Though you’d think most wouldn’t touch a crunchy, bug-infested ice cream, even in a game of truth or dare, the ice cream shop sold out before they even got a chance to put it in the display case.

This weekend, Sparky’s will make a second batch for customers who missed out earlier in the week.

I am the kind of guy, who has a bug phobia. I don't like them one darn bit. I don't like them when they are alive and I certainly wouldn't like them in my ice cream! I didn't mind many of the flavors on Richie's list yesterday, this one would be on the top of mine!